walters yoga
Hamilton onboard the USS Reeves, Operation Southern Watch, Persian Gulf

I am a US Navy veteran and a member of VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 6809). I offer a veterans discount.

walters yoga
Interviewing villagers who were hiding at night in the corn fields outside of Kalawaw.

For years, I was a human rights worker on the Thai-Burma border. I recorded, primarily, the plight Burma’s IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons). For example, I covered the Battle of Kalawaw (Karen State Burma), above photo, in 2005. War is ugly, but it can teach you to appreciate life: Being warm, sleeping in a comfortable bed, being safe, having a full belly, time for endeavors and activities other than just surviving through the day, and access to medical care. 

walters yoga

I teach free yoga classes in the park – weather permitting. Contact me for time and place.

I promote Nada Yoga training (Dr. Igor Iwanek), and 108 sun salutations for the various solstices and equinoxes. Contact me if you are interested.

I speak some Mandarin Chinese and Thai.

My favorite mantra is Om mani padme hum.

I am an asthmatic and allergy sufferer. I am also a sarcoidosis survivor. Sarcoidosis is an auto-immune inflammatory disease that can attack all parts of the body. Primarily, it attacks the lungs. The cause of this disease is unknown.

My long term goal is to have a yoga shala-café-organic garden. It would be a place where people can work, practice, and with a few pallets, a place to take time out from society.

I have written a photo chapbook, Looking For Mohammed Yazid, about my training as a hunter-gatherer in a jungle in Malaysia. There’s some yoga in there, too. Contact me, if you would like to buy this book.  

walters yoga
The cover shows a King Cobra killing a Red Kukri snake at one of my jungle camps. I could stay up to 18 days alone and independent in the jungle before I would have to return to the village.